Hi!  My name is Hannah and I am the founder and operator of Eden Valley Goat Milk Soaps.  I live on my family’s little homestead in the small town of Eden, NY.   I live here with my Dad, my Mom, my two little growing brothers, my six younger sisters, and my five playful goats.

Top (R to L): Sarah (13), Rebekah (15), Micah (16), Karissa (4), & Hannah (18). Bottom (R to L): Victoria (6), Dad, Mom, Lydia (10 months), Leah (8), & Josiah (10)

Top (R to L): Sarah (13), Rebekah (15), Micah (16), Karissa (4), & Hannah (18). Bottom (R to L): Victoria (6), Dad, Mom, Lydia (10 months), Leah (8), & Josiah (10)

We are a {large} family of 11 who love doing life together.   Our aim is to love God and love people in all that we do.   My parents have given us a love for learning through homeschooling, a heart for serving others in our church and community, and opportunities for hard work and productivity on our homestead.     As you can imagine with a family this size, there is never a dull moment.   We always have a flurry of activity going on around here – meals being prepared, music being practiced,  games being played, books being read, errands being run, theology being discussed, gardens being tended, goats being milked…..and the list goes on!

On the homestead,  we all pitch in to keep things running efficiently.   Everyone has chores and responsibilities in the home and on the farm.  My parents have taught us the value of hard work and cultivated the mindset that the home should be a center of productivity.   Through their support and encouragement, the vision for Eden Valley Goat Milk Soaps was formed.

Hannah LearyEver since I can remember, I’ve had an interest in natural living, homesteading, and nutrition.  In 2013, I got three goats and started putting some of my interests into practice.   I quickly  found myself with an abundance of milk!  In 2014, my visionary dad encouraged me to try out soap making.   Through a lot of research and experimenting, I soon created an unique recipe and started producing a variety of scented soaps.  In 2015, Dad encouraged me to venture into selling the soaps.   Thus began Eden Valley Goat Milk Soaps!  I’ve been learning a lot through this adventure and am enjoying it tremendously.

As a recent high school graduate, I am excited to continue to explore and learn through my business endeavors, taking nutrition classes, and putting it all into practice on our little homestead.   I want to develop more natural living habits and grow in self-sufficiency.   I hope to use this website as a launching pad of my discoveries and growing practices.  I hope you’ll join me in the adventure!