Our Goats

Meet our Goats!



We first got goats in the spring of 2013.    Since then, we have learned so much!  Goat are fun-loving animals with distinct personalities.   We strive to treat them with the best care we can give them.

Goat Care:



Milking:  We are currently milking two goats (Gnocchi & Perogi).  We milk every twelve hours and receive about a gallon a day.                             



Feeding: All of our goats receive fresh hay (grown down the street from us!) and a portion of grain daily.   During the summer, they spend their days grazing in their pastures.    We also love to treat them to greenery that they find especially tasty (Sumac leaves is one of their favorites!).  The goats also have access to supplementary minerals to make sure they have all their vitamins.



Trimming:  About once a months, the goats need their hooves trimmed so that they can stay limber on their feet.

Playing:  Goats love attention!  They love it when we take them on walks,  message their heads,  give them treats, or simply let them rub again us.   They are fun pets to have around!